The Wyzer™ Post Box

Ultimate Curb Appeal

Retro Inspired, modernly refined aluminum mailbox. Rust-free and easy to install, Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Enduring style & construction to stand the test of time

The Wyzer™ Post Box is the first in a line of unique, high quality home products crafted for the inspired eye.

  • Upscale design fits multiple motifs
  • Every detail has been thoughtfully crafted from the texture of the finishe to angle of the flag
  • Screws and other hardware are hidden leaving only smooth edges & intriguing angles
  1. Crafted from rust-proof aluminum, the Wyze Post Box is built to withstand every element nature throws its way.
  2. We just click. Magnetic latch ensures a secure and satisfying close every time.
  3. Designed with plastic mailbox replacement in mind, our post cover (sold separately) allows you to effortlessly mount to your existing wood post.
  4. Look Ma, no hinge! Seamlessly integrated hinge offers superior weather protection and delivers a sleek aesthetic appeal.

Fast & Easy Installation

Step 1

Remove old mailbox
(keep your post as-is)

Step 2

Slide Wyze post cover overtop existing post

Step 3

Fasten wyze box to post cover

Design Matters

Wyze Designs, the parent of Shop Wyzer, is a boutique design house dedicated to restoring what's been lost in manufactured home goods - inventive design, meticulous craftsmanship, and supply chain integrity. It's not just about products, it's about the stories behind the products, the hands that crafted them, the integrity with which they're sourced, and the tangible quality you feel when you touch or interact with them. Learn more about us and our mission to change the landscape of manufactured home goods.